5 Cannabis Strains to Motivate You for Spring Cleaning

byKait Fowlie3 minutes

Spring cleaning is an annual tradition for so many of us for a good reason: After a long, gruelling winter, clearing out the old feels invigorating. Whether that looks like purging old clothes or just deep cleaning each room from top to bottom, refreshing your space marks a welcome rite of passage into the warm half of the year.

Of course, spring cleaning demands a bit of time, focus, and elbow grease—so, it’s a task you’ll definitely want to get in the zone for. To supplement your pump-up playlist and coffee, grab a motivating cannabis strain to help you make short work of the job.

Here are five marijuana strains we recommend to help get you through your post-winter cleaning ritual.

1. Jack Herer Is a Marijuana Stain That Can Help Relax Your Muscles While You Clean

Jack Herer cannabis strain

Jack Herer is a popular blend of the cannabis strains:

  • Haze
  • Shiva Skunk
  • Northern Lights #5

This marijuana strain will get you mentally and physically stimulated enough to start your cleaning mission. It imparts a balanced, invigorating high with pleasant physical effects and can even help combat the mild pain you may feel from moving things around and bending down to clean while you’re organizing.

This is a favourite all-purpose daytime strain for any fairly active or social day. Jack Herer’s effects are never too intense and there’s very little risk of paranoia with this strain.

2. Green Crack May Be Just What You Need to Tackle That Big Spring Cleaning Project

Green Crack cannabis strain

Ready your most ambitious cleaning to-do list, because you’ll have the will to get it done with Green Crack on hand.

This sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid will up your focus, optimism and overall drive to tackle cleaning, rearranging furniture, doing laundry and whatever else you need to do get your place in tip-top shape.

Just don’t overdo it—Green Crack is known to be pretty intense. It’s always a good idea to have some cannabis products that are rich in cannabidiol (CBD) on hand, as CBD can reduce the anxiety and paranoia some feel after consuming high-THC marijuana. Good options are a cannabis oil high in CBD or the CBD-rich cannabis strain ACDC.

3. For Creative Problem Solving While Organizing, Turn to Durban Poison

Durban Poison cannabis strain

Durban Poison has been called the “espresso of cannabis strains,” so you can expect a lot of pep in your step after consuming this landrace marijuana strain.

In addition to an energy increase, it’s also known to:

  • Boost clarity
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Spur inquiry

So, if you want to rearrange some furniture or discover a new life for some of those old pieces in your closet in addition to cleaning, Durban Poison can help you think outside the box.

4. Maui Wowie Is the Perfect Marijuana Strain if You Want to Feel Upbeat While Cleaning

Maui Wowie cannabis strain

This aptly named sativa marijuana strain is ideal for the return of warm weather. Maui Wowie boasts around 20% THC content, so it can help you stay upbeat and joyful on an errand-running mission or while cleaning.

Did a friend or family member rope you into helping them with a spring cleaning project? Maui Wowie will not only give you the energy to complete the task, but it will also help keep you upbeat, socializing and stress free while you contribute to the cleaning efforts.

Maui Wowie can help start your cleaning day off on a high note. Plus, it can help keep your spirits and motivation up when listlessness or boredom to kicks in part-way through a tough project.

5. Dreading Your Spring Cleaning Project? Take Some Sweet Island Skunk to Motivate You

Sweet Island Skunk cannabis strain

If you’re not looking forward to the cleaning job you have ahead of you, Sweet Island Skunk can take the edge off. For improved focus with no risk of raciness typical of many sativa strains, Sweet Island Skunk is a great choice.

This marijuana strain’s euphoric qualities are balanced out by a relaxing physical buzz that can help you fend off any feelings of stress that may threaten to throw you off as you go about your cleaning and organizing day.

Photo credit: Skitterphoto